“Local Cabo Delgado entrepreneurs have the skills” – Mozambique


Oil and gas megaprojects are traditionally for the giants, but local business in Cabo Delgado has no sense of inferiority. “Local entrepreneurs have the skills for these projects,” the president of the Provincial Business Council Julio Sethy says. The only thing he wants more of is information, shared for timely preparation: “Naturally, depending on demand, these skills might need to be increased or decreased.”

“What is important is that we know exactly what it will take,” Sethy says, a man who not only represents the bosses in Cabo Delgado, but himself has ventures in the areas of construction materials, cargo transportation, and stone exploitation. In fact, Júlio Sethy is confident in a happy future for the sale of stone for construction, because, he says, “there is no stone Palma “. However, for the time being, his quarry is idle, its more than 20 workers languishing at home because, with little business, costs of production, especially the requisite electricity from diesel generators, are too high.

And, in response to the challenge of feeding the thousands of people who will be building the natural gas liquefaction platform, producers have already begun to take concrete steps. In one of Pemba’s supermarkets, we find fresh local produce. “I’ve been placing orders 24 hours in advance. We have a list of several producers who will deliver orders on time,” Afzal Abdul Carimo assures us.

Cabo Delgado agricultural producer Luís Augusto

“Production has to be enough to supply the market. The problem is supplying the market year-round, because of the seasonality. And we produce seasonally because we do not yet have the capacity to produce all year, usually because there’s no irrigation .

By Ricardo Machava

Ref – Source: O País – Club Of Mozambique