5 Useful Tools for Planning a Great Trip

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Trippy is a social and mobile friend-sourced tool launched in September 2011 founded by technology entrepreneur J.R. Johnson.who also founded Lunch.com, OneTime.com and VirtualTourist which was acquired by Expedia in 2008.

Trippy aims to simplify and improve travel planning through what they call “friend-sourcing.” The app ties into users’ social networks, such as Facebook, to discover which friends, family and contacts have visited the considered destination—whether it be that they’ve checked-in, lived, worked, or studied there.

Through one-click recommendations and Facebook-style commenting, Trippy lets friends suggest what hotels, restaurants, and destinations would be a good fit.The startup offers an auto-complete tool to quickly pull up what you’re looking for — from a database of locations. Users can then add places they’re considering so that friends can comment on the itinerary, offering feedback in Facebook-style comment feeds.



Organize Ideas

Collect your vacation ideas in an online trip notebook, and keep everything organized in one place.

Travel planning shouldn’t feel exhausting. It should be exhilarating! … But when your inbox gets cluttered with ideas and requests from tripmates,  your browser’s bursting with bookmarked hotels and restaurants, and you’ve lost track of your notes from perusing piles of travel mags — it can become a burden to keep it all straight.

That’s where Planapple comes in. A web travel binder of sorts, Planapple helps you collect your ideas, possibilities, and plans — and saves them all in one place, organized and manageable.

Bookmark or email your favorites right into Planapple — capturing the details that you’ll otherwise forget to jot down (like hotel addresses and restaurant contact info).

Planapple even creates a custom map tailored to your plans, so you can actually see which hotel is closest to your daily destinations!

Plan Together

Discuss and decide your ideal itinerary with your tripmates. When you’re planning a trip with others, you know that keeping everyone in sync (and satisfied) can be complicated, to put it mildly.

Planapple eliminates the communication challenges and email negotiations, making group planning far simpler.

Built-in discussions and voting make it easy to come to quick consensus, and everything is managed in one central spot.

And, as your burgeoning itinerary comes together, it’s all captured in your Planapple binder for you and your tripmates to see, so no one misses out on one juicy detail.

Carry Your Plans

Carry your plans on your mobile device — or access them anywhere.

We’re not saying it’s old school to bust out your tried and true travel binder — but it is taking up valuable room in your carry-on bag that you could use to tote back terrific tchotchkes.

Planapple’s mobile app puts your plans right in your pocket. Access your entire trip: itinerary, bookmarks, addresses, phone numbers, emails, even discussions with your co-travelers. (And Planapple can download it all to your phone before you go, avoiding scary international data charges.)

Or check your Planapple plans on the web anytime, anywhere. Net café in Cabo, iPad in Ipanema, or laptop in Las Palmas — all your details are available to you, 24/7.

And, if you’re a paper person, you can print your plans just as easily and take them anywhere you go. We get it.

Share With Friends

Create recommendations to share on Pinterest and Facebook.

Are friends seeking your secrets for the ideal wine country weekend? Hounding you for your holiday timeshare information?

Planapple makes it easy to share what you did, where you went, and what you liked (or didn’t!). Offer up your entire itinerary or just a few highlights — either way your friends will marvel at your travel-planning prowess. After all, what good is finding something wonderful if you can’t scream it from the tippy top of the World Wide Web?



TripHobo is an innovative trip planning platform that enables users to plan trips from over 14000 cities across the world. TripHobo’s trip planning platform serves as one-stop destination for all the travel needs- exploring attractions, creating itineraries and booking hotels, transportation and tours.



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