Airports in Mozambique

Airports in Mozambique

Airports in Mozambique find your nearest airport today. Most Popular Airports in Ponta Do Ouro, Imhambane as well as in the Maputo International Airport such as:

Airports in Mozambique

Angoche Airport               16°10′55″S 39°56′41″E

Bazaruto Island Airport     21°32′34″S 35°28′22″E

Beira Airport                      19°47′47″S 34°54′27″E

Benguerra Island Airport   21°51′11″S 35°26′18″E

Bilene Airport                     25°15′58″S 33°14′19″E

Chimoio Airport                 19°09′04″S 33°25′44″E

Cuamba Airport                 14°49′02″S 36°31′54″E

Indigo Bay Lodge Airport   21°42′26″S 35°27′08″E

Inhaca Airport                     25°59′52″S 32°55′45″E

Inhambane Airport              23°52′35″S 35°24′30″E

Lichinga Airport                  13°16′26″S 35°15′58″E

Lumbo Airport                     15°01′59″S 40°40′18″E

Maputo International Airport      25°55′15″S 32°34′21″E

Marrupa Airport                   13°13′30″S 37°33′07″E

Mocímboa da Praia Airport       11°21′42″S 40°21′17″E

Mueda Airport                      11°40′22″S 39°33′47″E

Nacala Airport                      14°29′17″S 40°42′44″E

Nampula Airport                   15°06′20″S 39°16′54″E

Pemba Airport                      12°59′12″S 40°31′20″E

Ponta do Ouro Airport          26°49′36″S 32°50′18″E

Quelimane Airport                17°51′19″S 36°52′08″E

Songo Airport                       15°36′09″S 32°46′23″E

Chingozi Airport                    16°06′17″S 33°38′24″E

Ulongwe Airport                    14°42′16″S 34°21′08″E

Vilankulo Airport                    22°01′06″S 35°18′47″E

In addition, For further Information and more details on Airports please contact your nearest Airport and they will be able to assist such as,

Airports in Mozambique  Airports in Mozambique   Airports in Mozambique cannot be held liable for any change in rates, requirements & times above. This is merely a guide to help you plan your trip into Mozambique.

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