Tunduru Botanical Gardens

The Tunduru Gardens is public park and garden in downtown Maputo, Mozambique. It was designed in 1885 by British gardener Thomas Honney. It is home to tennis courts owned by the Mozambique Tennis Federation.


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Adventures in Mozambique

Mozambique Adventure and Activities Mozambique Adventure and Activities and Planning a Mozambique holiday.? We all know the pleasures of relaxing on sun-drenched shores. Enjoying some of the best seafood that Africa has to offer such as the all time favorite Fresh Prawns. While sipping cocktails on a white sandy beach while waiting for the sun slowly dip below the horizon. …

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Top 10 Accommodation Deals in Moz

Mozambique information pages. Read information on our pages and prepare yourself for the best holiday of your entire travel experience. Visit this website for Accommodation [ninja_form id=1]Availability Accommodation in Ponta Do Ouro Southern Mozambique. Ponta Do Ouro Southern Mozambique. Accommodation in Ponta Do Ouro Currently one of the most popular Holiday destinations. Offers a host of amenities and facilities for …

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5 Useful Tools for Planning a Great Trip

Sygic Travel https://travel.sygic.com A Travel Guide in Your Pocket Discover the best sights and places around you. Create your daily itinerary. Change your plans on the go. Download offline maps and never get lost, even without internet connection. Trippy http://www.trippy.com Trippy is a social and mobile friend-sourced tool launched in September 2011 founded by technology entrepreneur J.R. Johnson.who also founded …

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