Mozambique – What you should know!

A. Pack light

This is the most important thing.  Before you even leave your doorstep, throw out as much as possible from your bag, especially if you plan to travel without your own wheels.

Carrying hefty luggage will only give you headaches if you’re navigating Mozambique’s chaotic public transportation, and more often than not you’ll be charged extra fare for bulky bags on buses and mini-bus taxis.

How to do it

Travel with nothing more than could fit snugly on your lap while seated in a packed vehicle. A second pair of trousers would be useful. Pack two changes of clothes (shirts, underwear) and a bar of laundry soap.  The hot Mozambican sun will dry your daily washing in no time!


B. Take the slow road

Of course packing suggestions won’t matter if you’ve got your own wheels. But if you chose to leave your little car behind….

Aside from the fact that self-driving in Mozambique means putting up with many official-dom, dedication to slow transit gives you the opportunity to meet so many amazing and kind Mozambicans who rely on this transportation daily. Many hours a day of marathon chapa rides can get old, it gives a glimpse into Mozambique that your air-conditioned luxury 4×4 will surely be miss.

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